The ‘Place’ Project

About The ‘Place’ Project

The ‘Place’ Project is a personal writing project that explores the writer’s relationship to place and how to cultivate a meaningful relationship to the places we find ourselves in. This project is guided by the book ‘The Soul of Place’ by Linda Lappin but with my own interpretation of the exercises provided. The goal of this project is open ended. This is a writing experiment. This is where I share with you the results. Below is a list of the main areas I will be exploring.

The ‘Place’ Project

0: Introduction

The Genius Loci  //  Hüzün  //  Wholeness & Depletion 

1: Reading the Landscape

2: Places Sacred and Profane – Pilgrims and Flaneurs

3: The House of the Self

4: Eating the Soul of Place

5: Submerged Territories – Writing the Subconscious

Getting Involved

My hope is that this project inspires you in some way. You are welcome to use the questions in my posts as a prompt for your own writing. I would love it if you would leave a link to your post in my comments section. This way we can share ideas and support each other. I would like this to be a communal project where we can learn from each other.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, you can contact me here.