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Inside the Imperial Habsburg Crypt

Just off to the side of the Kapuzinerkirche lies the entrance to the Kapuzinergruft – the Imperial Habsburg Crypt. Since 1633, members of the Royal Habsburg family have been entombed here including 12 emperors and 16 empresses. The largest and most beautiful double Rococo tomb belongs to the Maria Theresa and her husband Franz Stephan. WIth Love, Martina

A Photographer in the Garden

Close to Bratislava, in the small town of Zlate Moravce, my uncle has a house with a beautiful large garden. Both the house and garden carry a lot of history and memories. It was where he used to play with my mother as a child. It was also once the childhood home of my grandfather.

Historical Ondrejský Cemetery

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I enjoy exploring old cemeteries. When they asked me “Why?”, I found it difficult to answer but now I think I have found the answer. I am attracted to the spirit of a place – the genius loci which in this case can be felt in the prevailing character and atmosphere of the old cemetery. It’s quiet and calm, with tall trees; an escape from the rush of city life and it has some lovely tombstones. Established in 1784, Ondrejský cemetery is the oldest preserved cemetery in Bratislava located just behind the Greek Catholic Church. The German, Hungarian and Slovak inscriptions are a testament to Bratislava’s multicultural past.The cemetery no longer functions as a cemetery and is now a park where mothers can often be seen walking their prams.