Submit Your Work

Awakening to the depth of now requires many voices. All work, including stories, essays, poetry, and photography that reflect any of the key messages mentioned below will be considered.

The Depth of Now groups pieces according to four categories:

Goddess Rising: Dedicated to the ways in which we reawaken the presence of the divine feminine within ourselves and in our everyday life.

the Beloved: Dedicated to expressing our deepest thoughts and emotions connected to loving the Other.

Intuition: Dedicated to expressing things that we know and feel instinctively as opposed to conscious reasoning alone.

Courage: Dedicated to the ways in which we embrace and move beyond our fears and re-align with our inner truth.

The key messages are:

  • Encountering paradox as a source of personal transformation and growth
  • Journeying as a process of self-discovery
  • Exploring liminality and liminal archetypes in the context of healing or awakening

Questions to consider before submitting your work:

  • Does my work deal with the key messages above clearly in either a spoken or unspoken way?
  • Does it have a heart?

Please only submit individual pieces for considerations. No URLs. All images must be high-resolution images and proper credit must be provided. Written pieces should be at least 600 words. Material published elsewhere will be considered. Please mention this in your submission. For more information please read the terms and conditions.

Please submit your work to