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Lost & Found – A Prague Guidebook

While cleaning the bookshelf the other day my mother and I came across a guidebook to Prague written in 1967. My mother wanted to throw it out because it was written in German and so old that it was no longer of any use but I refused. As I flipped through it I noticed that it had beautiful graphics and I fell in love with the layout. SaveSave SaveSave

Olšany Cemetery in Prague

  There is a quieter side to Prague, far away from the tourist crowds – when in spring and summer they can become too much. Most of these places are just a 10min tram ride from the city centre and my favourites include the cafes tucked in the back parts of Karlin, Letna park with its expansive view over Prague (and its convenient beer garden) and Olšany Cemetery. Even if you don’t like cemeteries, this cemetery is worth exploring. Its tall trees and overgrown richness together with its historic tombs and gravestones give it a tranquil yet impressive atmosphere. At one point I had lived in Zizkov and the cemetery was close to my house. I would often go there in the early morning, grabbing a coffee and croissant at Flora Mall before making my way into the cemetery to wander through its various parts. I have a soft spot for the liminality of ruins and forgotten places. I was also teaching myself how to photograph and Olsany seemed like the perfect place to get …