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Bratislava photographed by Martina Korkmaz for The Depth of Now, Bratislava

Loving Lens Distortion

A few months ago I traded in some photography gear for the Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 I heard mixed reviews about this compact lens but I wanted to try it out for myself. Up till now I had been mostly using the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 and the Sigma 35mm f/1.4. Both are very good but I wanted something a little wider because I was interested in the distortion. I see lens distortion as a chance to get creative and to capture images in a whole new way. My two favourite photographers Daido Moriyama and Jeanloup Sieff shared three loves in common: women, street photography and the wide angle lens. Combine all three in their hands and you have nothing short of magic. Jeanloup Sieff’s portraits of women with their elongated bodies look as if they could have been painted by Matisse. Daido Moriyama’s urban street scenes sparkle with grittiness and life. Both photographers work with the distortion of the wide-angle lens and both challenge our perception of their subject by doing so. Distortion occurs when some norm …

French theatre play in Prague performed by Le Petit Theatre Francais.

French Theatre in Prague

The heart at the centre of French theatre in Prague belongs undoubtedly to Sophie Knittle – not only a talented actress and director but also a solid mentor who inspires. Le Petit Théâtre Français is the theatre company she runs together with her partner, Thierry Ottinger and assistant/actor Jakub Dieska. More info can be found on their website.