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Bratislava Street Art

Bratislava has a surprising amount of street art and I am not talking about graffiti. Yes, there is a difference between street art and graffiti. Street art is constructive, asks important questions, it takes a fair amount of skill and exists for its audience. Graffiti, on the other hand, is destructive and self-centred. Street art can be an important creative outlet for local artists while graffiti accelerates urban decay. Graffiti is considered a crime in Bratislava but there is one place in the city where you can spray paint the walls legally – Janíkov dvor in Petržalka. You can buy spays at the Rooftop shop which also happens to be a meeting place for the street art community. The definition and uses of street art are changing – originally a tool to mark territorial boundaries it is now a positive tool of urban beautification and regeneration. One of the main supporters of street art in Bratislava and in Slovakia is ArtAttack. They have their own clothing and music label as well as their own magazine. They …

Devin Castle photographed by Martina Korkmaz for The Depth of Now, Bratislava

Visiting Devin Castle

Located about 10 miles west of Bratislava, Devin Castle was once part of the Roman border in the first century A.D. and later became the seat of the Great Moravian Empire and a strategic post during the Turkish Wars. It’s situated on a high cliff overlooking the Morava and Danube rivers and stands on the border between Slovakia and Austria. It’s easy to get to. It’s a 20 min bus ride from the city centre.

Hagia Sofia photographed by Martina Korkmaz for The Depth of Now, Istanbul

Inside the Hagia Sophia

There is a story to the Hagia Sofia that is laid out in history books and tourist guides but that is not the story that I remember it by. I think of it as the place that stopped me on my way in and took my breath away. The first place that ever humbled me in its presence and I have seen many beautiful places. My impressions of the Hagia Sofia is that it is like a mountain which contains a secret. If you have never been inside you are unprepared for what awaits you – a vast contained space decorated with rare marble and golden mosaics that glitter in the darkness drawing your eyes upwards to its amazing heights. Each time I visit I am taken in by the intricate patterns created by the slanted veining of the marble panelling used to decorate its walls. Marble in colours of deep yellow, emerald green and blood red. The beauty of the Hagia Sofia is the type that is indescribable. It has to be experienced to …