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Sabahattin Ali – A Love Story Like No Other

When I first started reading Madonna in a Fur Coat by Sabahattin Ali, I read more than half of it in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. I was drawn in by the intimate and conversational tone of the writer and by the depth of the relationship between the characters. There was a freedom of feeling between them, uncaged by convention – feelings that are usually kept hidden and seem to only exist as part of the hidden world of the self. Madonna in a Fur Coat is a story within a story. In the beginning, we are introduced to a drifter, our narrator, who finds work alongside a German translator by the name of Raif Efendi. Raif is an introvert who is misunderstood by everyone. He seems to not be living at all and the narrator is intrigued by his strangeness. They become friends and Raif, on his deathbed entrusts him with a manuscript that Raif had kept hidden. From the manuscript, we learn that as a young man, Raif was sent by …


Silence that Speaks

From the first few sentences, I knew that I wouldn’t put the book down until the very end.  I’ve been searching for a book that would reassure me that the path that I was on was the right one. I was looking for a voice that understood my questions and I found it echoing in this book. It lite up my aloneness and made it more comfortable. He had me at writing embodies the love of paradox. Yes. It was my love of paradox that inspired me to write as a way of exploring this love. But this wasn’t something I talked about much. I mentioned it to my mother because she was there to listen. It is what inspires me and I find difficult to put into words but it’s what drives me – this love.  I was speaking with my mother the other day and I mentioned to her that everything rests on the beauty of paradox and what lays beyond its edges is beyond words. We can go there but we need to …