In Black & White

One of many devotional shrines that can be found in Bari Vecchia that are dedicated to various saints and holy figures. This one is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
View of La chiesa di Santa Chiara di Bari, a church and monastery dedicated to St. Clare.
The Castello Svevo built around 1132 by Norman King Roger II.
View of the bell tower of Cattedrale di San Sabino.
The narrow alleyways of the labyrinthine streets of Bari Vecchia.
View from the Piazza Federico II di Svevia. Cloudy skies and hanging laundry.
Looking up from the streets of Bari Vecchia.
Boys playing soccer in front of Cattedrale di San Sabino.
The old house of Bari Vecchia.
Detail of an old door in Bari Vecchia.
An archway belonging to the San Nicola di Bari Basilica.

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12 thoughts on “In Black & White

  1. Black and white photography is superb for architectural compositions: capturing light, shadow, geometry, and texture, and of course your subjects were ideal! A joy to ponder.

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  2. The shot of the boys and their soccer ball is particularly, and actually, brilliant; the overexposure of the Cattedrale di San Sabino facade isolates against dazzling white a series of disc or part-circle shapes in the rose and round windows and arches all rising toward the hanging moon in a red-filtered sky, thus returning our eye to the soccer ball, which is the subject of the boys’ attention, on the gleaming, reflecting pavement. The echo of the the boys silhouettes in the figures clustered at the left portal forces a powerful diagonal in depth. One’s response to this monochrome image as a classic of the 1950s is interrupted by the incongruous presence of the shiny, and unmistakeable contemporary little car. When there’s so much to see in one image that all hangs together, you know you’ve triumphed, and Italy and its classicism is no longer alien to you.

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