Not Here

We are dreaming our stories into existence. We dream ourselves into existence and we dream so well we begin to believe in the reality of our existence that we step into it.

We cross over and we forget how to get back and embody the one who dreams. Instead, we become prisoners to our dreams, forgetting that they are fluid. We hook our dream reality to things and begin to suffer because the things we dream so well cannot contain us.

We forget ourselves and begin to live our lives through things that are temporary. We become temporary forgetting that we are as old as the earth and stars.

We mistake the man made darkness as the darkness of the earth. We mistake the light as happiness. We forget the one who dreams and makes all this possible. We mistaken ourselves.

Actively forget your attachment to thoughts and things so that you can continually become.

As I remember myself, remember yourself with me.

Let’s remind each other that we are the dreamer; the active creator of the present moment. We create the basis of our reality and so at the same time, we must choose the illusions we believe in wisely. I have chosen mine – that I am as old as the stars, that I create as I speak and as I write, that life has meaning over non-meaning.

Yesterday I woke up wanting three things. This morning I woke up overwhelmed. Overwhelmed from the force of life coming at me from the future. I felt the force of life move me. Not from behind but from in front. A very different feeling. How it wrapped around my wrists and thighs and placed me in between questions and answers. Nothing solved. I’m trying to map the unmappable.

Martina x


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