A New Direction

I feel as overwhelmed at the beginning of 2019 as I did in 2018 but I am now more mature in dealing with the ways of the unknown. 2018 was all about allowing my wings to form and testing new waters. 2019 is about attempting to fly into new territories in writing and in love. I may not get very far or even leave the ground but I will attempt. The word attempt here is very important for two reasons. Attempt includes risk which is important for new growth and it is also what defines the process of essay writing – to essay is to attempt.

My focus now as a writer is to write personal essays and essays about place. I have spent the past four months roaming the streets of Istanbul, becoming somewhat familiar with its ways and with what I call its street vocabulary – the culture of things seen, felt, and experienced while wandering – to be able to attempt to write about it in long form. Who knows what I will make of it and it doesn’t matter in the end. I am more interested in the creative process. The alchemy of breaking bones into new forms, and like Istanbul, renewing myself on top of old structures.

It is my next necessary step.

What is yours?

With love,


* Photograph: Man Crossing Ataturk Bridge, 2018


3 thoughts on “A New Direction

    1. Neil! First, Happy New Year! And second, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and the link you shared with me. It left me speechless. It was like discovering one of those missing pieces in a puzzle that you think you will never solve and now I am one step closer. Very inspiring and meaningful.


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