The Pink Skies of November

November was a month of intense pink skies or so it seemed. Pink sunsets and early morning sunrises would light up the sky in the most beautiful orangey pink I have ever seen. But come December, those pink skies gave way to prolonged rainy days that turned my neighbourhood streets into waterfalls on top of rivers as the sewers gushed with the excess rainfall. Istanbul is a city of hills and the streets are carved out in weird angles that seem to push the laws of gravity. It’s no fun being stuck out in the rain trying to navigate the pools of water in high heel boots but I love watching it from my alcove, leaning out the window with a cup of warm tea while sitting on my ottoman covered in blankets.  

 A view from Fener
Morning Sunrise, Halic 
View of the sunset from the bus coming home from work. 
View from Karaköy bus stop.
View from the ferry.
View from Haliç Bridge.

With Love, 



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