Galata Mevlevihanesi

Galata Mevlevihanesi is Istanbul’s sixth oldest Sufi lodge located just up the street from Galata Tower. It is part of a large complex which includes a courtyard, drinking fountain, tombs and a cemetery. 

The cemetery is full of stones with graceful Ottoman inscriptions, including the tomb of Galip Dede, the 17th-century Sufi poet. The shapes atop the stones reflect the different religious ranks of the deceased.  

The complex was converted into a museum in 1946. 

Always with Love, 



4 thoughts on “Galata Mevlevihanesi

  1. Such magnificent, precious gravestones—exquisitely carved and shaped. The moment you have chosen to photograph, in soft light with leaves and berries carpeting the ground in purples, browns and fading green, makes the imagery of the cemetery especially poignant.

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