The Hand-Cut Fonts of Fener

A shop selling Börek – a filled pastry made with a thin flaky phyllo dough – usually eaten for breakfast.

“For a new font to be successful it has to be so good that only very few recognize its novelty.” ― Stanley Morison

I have a thing for fonts.

To me, each font had its own character and carries its own meaning.

While I was exploring my neighbourhood I noticed that some shops had their names displayed in a particular font. Because I have only seen this type of lettering in Fener,  I have named it the Fener Font. At first I thought that the font was painted on the window but when I touched it I realized that is was handcut. The lettering is raised and cut from a kind of plastic that has a sandpaper texture. Each time I found a new one I got excited and decided to create a post so I could share them with you. 😊

A sign for a shop selling used things.
Hairdresser shop on Vodina Cd. – the main shopping street in Fener-Balat.
A welcome sign for a tea shop.
The same hairdresser as above.
A shop selling tobacco​ and supplies for nargile.
A sign for a butcher shop.

Always with Love,



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