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Tomb & Cemetery of Mahmud II


When Abdulmecid inherited the throne following the death of his father Mahmud II in 1839, he ordered the architects Ohannes and Bogos Daydan to build a tomb for his father.

The octagonal empire-style tomb is covered with white marble and the dome of the tomb is decorated with a relief of wreath flowers. The crystal chandelier hanging from the centre of the dome was a gift sent by Queen Victoria I. The gilded wall clocks on both sides of the door were given as a gift by the French Emperor Napolean III. Sultans and other members of the dynasty were also eventually buried here.

The courtyard near the tomb was transformed in a cemetery in 1861 and statesmen, authors and poets most of whom served between 1840 and 1920 were buried here. The cemetery hosts gravestones and sarcophagi which display the most beautiful examples of the Ottoman art of decorative stone carving that I have ever seen.

The cemetery is located near to the Çemberlitaş tram stop and close to the Grand Bazaar. Entrance is free of charge.


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4 comments on “Tomb & Cemetery of Mahmud II

  1. Excellent photos Martina. I’m starting to take a serious interest in 19th century Ottoman sultans!

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  2. Love this pics. Thanks for sharing!

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