Beyoglu Street Art

Morning Walk in Karaköy

Wandering through one of Istanbul's oldest districts in search of the latest street art.


My first morning in Istanbul I took a long walk from my flat in Sisli, down Istiklal street and into the neighbourhood of Karaköy. Karaköy is known for its street art and also for its many bars, cafes and galleries. It’s also home to Karaköy Galata Simitçis, a place that serves the best traditionally baked Simit.

Karakoy 5.jpg



With Love,



7 comments on “Morning Walk in Karaköy

  1. katmadison

    Love it, great photos.!!!!

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  2. I haven’t wandered round those streets for a while. Seems I need to take another look! Thanks for the post, Martina.

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  3. What a vibrant district! Love the photos.

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  4. prachi singh

    Everything seems to be perfect on your blog. Totally amazing.

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  5. Nothing like a great morning walk to get absorbed in your surroundings ~ great photos.


    • Yes Dalo! I agree. I love to walk and early morning walks are my favorite because of the light and because I feel like I have the whole city to myself to explore. I loved your post about Prague at night and solitude. Prague is a city I know well. 🙂


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