A New Life

There is a hypnotic melody outside my window coming in from the apartment below. A delicate trance-like melody that fades in and out with the gentle wind blowing out in the courtyard. Two women speak in whispers because it’s late. The apartment fills with darkness and I don’t move to switch on the light. I keep writing.

When I sat down at this desk an hour ago I had just about lost all courage to be here. My head full of panic, my thoughts scattered – I knew that the only way to stop myself from getting swept up in a wave of self-doubt was to sit down and write. Will I be able to embrace this new beginning fully?

Tonight, dear reader, I write to you from my new writing desk in a cozy little apartment in Istanbul. Two days ago I moved from Bratislava to Istanbul to start a new life as a teacher, writer, and photographer.

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning of the depth of now will see that my story now is so different from the one that we started with. I am no longer the woman leaving an abusive relationship and trying to find her way in the dark. I am now the woman who has found her light by allowing fear to be her compass and it has brought us here.

It was in Istanbul where I was once most afraid so in a way, I feel that I have traveled to Istanbul to meet myself and put the past to rest in order to move forward into a new life.

And I move into this new beginning with you. Together we will explore new depths, thoughts, visions, and emotions as they come, here in this beautiful city – now my home.

Always with Love,



22 thoughts on “A New Life

    1. Yes, I return to embrace and move passed these mixed feelings. Returning is the only way forward and beneath all those mixed feelings is a genuine love for Istanbul. It’s that love that I intend to explore. Thank you Melissa for your comment 🙂


    1. Dalo! Thank you – I am humbled by your comment. Istanbul has been nothing but perfect and the people here are so kind and giving. I feel very blessed on this adventure. If you ever come to visit, please let me know. Would be happy to give you a photographic tour. 🙂


      1. I’ve been through Istanbul airport a few times but have yet to experience the city ~ I need to visit as it is such a historical city and the people/culture I’ve heard are tremendous. Cheers!

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