Bratislava: The Week that Was (Part Five)


This week included a walk through Cintorín pri Kozej Bráne, a cemetery located close to the old town in Bratislava’s Palisady neighborhood. Palisady is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Bratislava mainly due to its grand villas. The cemetery is open to the public but no longer in use. It was created as a response to Emperor Joseph II decree that burials where no longer allowed in inhabited parts of the city in order to protect the water wells.  Burials now had to take place outside the city walls.  A large part of the cemetery is unkept. It being overgrown adds to the atmosphere but at the same time, it made me sad to see it in such decay. On a few graves, I found these lovely stone carved embellishments (not sure what else to call them) and they touched me with their simplicity and symbolism. I especially love the one above of the two hands holding each other and of the ouroboros encircling the butterfly.


Pálffy Palace is one of four historical buildings in Bratislava named Palffy Palace. This one is known as Pálffy Palace at Zámocká Street. Built sometime after 1635, it was once part of a larger palace complex but most of it was demolished and only the summer pavilion remains. Today the building is a protected cultural monument and is used for events and art exhibitions. I found this exhibit of the work of sculptor Milan Lukac to be very clever and inspiring especially his owls made from wooden cutting boards, metal utensils and other pieces of found objects.



Michael’s Gate was originally one of four medieval gates that allowed entrance into the city. It is the only one that has survived. Today it’s the Museum of Arms and Fortifications.  Built in the mid 14th century, its tower was later modified in the 18th century to fit the baroque style. At the top, there is a terrace that has nice views of the old town, the castle and the surrounding areas.


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