A Photographer in the Garden

Martina-Korkmaz-Zlate Moravce-1
Martina-Korkmaz-Zlate Moravce-5

Close to Bratislava, in the small town of Zlate Moravce, my uncle has a house with a beautiful large garden. Both the house and garden carry a lot of history and memories. It was where he used to play with my mother as a child. It was also once the childhood home of my grandfather.

Despite its grand size, the house is poorly built which means that it can only be used during the spring and summer – just long enough to tend the garden and enjoy it before it fades away into its deep sleep.

So each spring just before it awakes my uncle returns and tends to it just like my grandmother used to and my great grandmother before her. And each evening in his garden he concludes his work with a ritual of appreciation with a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

When time allows I enjoy visiting his garden. For me, it is an escape into another world that I love to photograph. I enjoy framing its organic lines and shapes with my lens and then seeing what I have captured. I enjoy watching as the quality of daylight shifts, bringing out certain shapes and colours and obscuring others. I am moved into an abstract way of seeing and I allow the garden to lead me.

Martina-Korkmaz-Zlate Moravce-4
Martina-Korkmaz-Zlate Moravce-8
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Martina-Korkmaz-Zlate Moravce-1.jpg
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8 thoughts on “A Photographer in the Garden

  1. What a sensuous cornucopia you and this garden bring us! Where I live, in Australia, we are having a very dry and warm autumn so these are especially welcome, and to see watermelon and strawberry plants, and waterlilies too, already underway in the last week of spring would be inconceivable here. So much abundant life is in these images, and they are glorious to behold intermingled with the lovely faces of your uncle (who from the way he holds his camera, looks to have a good eye like yours) and your mother amongst the foliage, and crowning them all is the heartwarming, rose-coloured still-life.

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    1. Your words make me smile James 🙂 It’s amazing to think that you are in Autumn while we are in Spring. BTW I must say that you have one of the best blogs about photography that I have come across. I love how you focus on various topics to group together and showcase photographers, bringing them out in new light. No matter how busy I am I enjoy returning to it.

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