Bratislava: The Week that Was (Part Four)

This week was spent sharing all that I love about Bratislava with friends who came to visit. We walked the streets of Bratislava’s Old Town, weaving in and out of churches, searching for old books and engravings.  I also discovered places that I hadn’t seen before. Here are some images I took of the week that was. trinity

This week was the first time I got a chance to see inside Bratislava’s magnificent Baroque Trinity Church. What first caught my attention was the trompe-l’oeil fresco ceiling painted by Italian painter Antonio Galli Bibiena. I was then moved by the massive alter with its altarpiece depicting St. John of Matha and St. Felix of Valois ransoming prisoners from Turkish capture. The church was sanctified in 1727 and belongs to the Trinitarian Order.Steiner

This little bookshop is one of my favorites in Bratislava. The antique books sold here are carefully curated and they don’t just sell antique books but also used books, original engravings, old maps, postcards and lovely reproduction art nouveau posters. They also have a shelf dedicated to English books. The history of Steiner antiquarian bookshop dates back to 1847 and the owners are very knowledgeable about antique books and engravings.UrbanHouse

Love, love, love Urban House – especially the beer and sitting outside on the street patio watching the world go by. They also have lots of yummy food to eat which I have not had a chance to try. The waiters are very friendly and happy to give suggestions if you don’t know what to order. Urban House is also a great place to work and study. There are plenty of sockets for your laptop and it’s usually quiet and empty inside during the day.Luculus

There is always a line at Luculus which is known as the best place in Bratislava to have ice cream. Not only is this gelato bio but you can also find vegan and stevia options for those on a special diet. They also make fancy ice cream sundaes and serve coffee. Luculus is located at 16 Hviezdoslavovo námestie close to the National Theatre.soho

My new favorite restaurant in Bratislava – Soho Bistro. I must admit that I have eaten here three times this week. I had visitors and with restaurants in Bratislava being hit and miss, we decided to return to where we knew the food was good. Each time the food we ordered was fresh and well presented and very tasty. Soho Bistro has a modern cozy atmosphere and the food they serve is Asian fusion. Perfect for lunch or dinner and the staff are very friendly.







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