Lost & Found – A Prague Guidebook

While cleaning the bookshelf the other day my mother and I came across a guidebook to Prague written in 1967. My mother wanted to throw it out because it was written in German and so old that it was no longer of any use but I refused. As I flipped through it I noticed that it had beautiful graphics and I fell in love with the layout.


Prague Old Town Hall and Vodickova Elementary School. Photographs by Martina Korkmaz


One of my favourite buildings in Prague at Brehova 3 in the Josefov and Prague’s famous astronomical clock. Photographs by Martina Korkmaz


With Love!







4 thoughts on “Lost & Found – A Prague Guidebook

  1. Love the design – absolutely you should keep it! It’s very vivid with those primary colours, and the ‘checkerboard’ layout is simple, but both serve a purpose in making the information digestible in a document which is meant to be held in the hand and consulted by the tourist. The steep angle on those architectural shots replicate the experience of looking up from the street and work much better than the squared-up, more distant shots. Thank you for sharing your find!


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