Bratislava: The Week That Was (Part Three)

This week didn’t leave much time for exploring Bratislava. My mother and I were busy at home preparing for Easter and painting the flat. I also had a special visit from Istanbul which meant that my mind was elsewhere but I still managed to snap some photographs.


Lekáreň u Salvátora, a striking example of neo-renaissance architecture in Bratislava,  was once home to a beautiful pharmacy. Built by pharmacist Rudolf Adler in 1904, the first floor contained a pharmacy which operated until it was shut down in 1996. Today the first floor is abandoned and it’s such a shame to see a  culturally protected monument in such a state of disrepair. The building’s facade features a stone statue of Christ the Saviour by sculptor Alojz Rigele. 


Bratislava’s Radio Building is – voted as one of the ugliest buildings in the world –  is now a protected architectural landmark. To me it’s iconic and I couldn’t imagine Bratislava without it.


The inner courtyard of Bratislava’s Old Town Hall.


Outside Starožitnosti Antique Shop at Gorkého 12.

Cafe Meyer Bratislava

Traditional pastries at Cafe Meyer located on Bratislava’s Old Town Square.

Martina Korkmaz- Bratislava-Church

The Church of Saint Elisabeth with it’s beautifully painted ceiling and ornate details.


SaveSavesignaturesignatureStreet art and sculpture in the Presidential Gardens.

Always with love,



4 thoughts on “Bratislava: The Week That Was (Part Three)

  1. The rather apt combination of extraordinary architecture and cakes leads us through a sensuous adventure in Bratislava. I do wonder if the cage in the cafe Meyer is for those who cannot resist the urge to eat more cakes, but who must desist?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you James 🙂 Your comment made me laugh out loud. The cafe is located in a building that was once a palace dating from the early 18th century and which stood on Gothic foundations. During reconstruction a room was discovered in the celler along with three fountains and an ice hole. If you look into the “cage’ you can see the excavations that were done.


    1. Hello Adil! Yes, I like the ‘ugly’ building as well. I pass by it almost everyday and I find it interesting to look at. I am glad that you don’t think it is so ugly that it should win a prize. 🙂


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