Bratislava Street Art

Bratislava has a surprising amount of street art.

One of the reasons why I love street art is because I feel that it has the potential to ask important questions as well as transform the urban environment. Unlike graffiti, it requires a fair amount of skill and exists for its audience and is an important creative outlet for local artists.


Street art without a permit and graffiti are considered a crime in Bratislava but there is one place in the city where you can spray paint the walls legally – Janíkov dvor in Petržalka. You can buy spays at the Rooftop shop which also happens to be a meeting place for the street art community.

One of the main supporters of street art in Bratislava and in Slovakia is ArtAttack. They have their own clothing and music label as well as their own magazine. They also organise various street art gatherings.

Bratislava Street Art Festival takes place every June and lasts three days, attracting both local and foreign artists.

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Továrenská Street was once a place dedicated to street art but most of the pieces have disappeared due to rapid development in the area. These last few images are of what remains today.


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