Hello Bratislava

Here are some of my photographs of Bratislava taken on one of many walks through the city. I try to take a walk each day in order to break up my thoughts and to gain new perspectives. It’s also an excuse to keep on photographing.

Bratislava is small but it never fails to surprise me. I always find something new to explore. Each week I will post the most interesting photographs from my walks in a blog post so that I can share them with you.

Bratislava’s iconic UFO Bridge. More formally known as Most SNP (Slovenského národného povstania) which translates to Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising.

41340873902_61f30ae230_o5Sándor Petőfi

Statue of Hungary’s national poet Sándor Petőfi in Bratislava’s Medical Garden.



Right: Michael’s Gate – the only city gate that has been preserved from Bratislava’s medieval fortifications. Left: Detail of a building on Hviezdoslavovo námestie.





10 thoughts on “Hello Bratislava

  1. Thank you Martina for an evocative psychogeographic ‘dérive’ through the streets with their accretion of old and modern. Interesting how Sándor Petőfi’s monument lacks graffiti – do you think that he still inspires reverence, or is his statue just well guarded with surveillance cameras. Looking forward to more of a city that I most likely will not visit in what remains of this lifetime.

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    1. Psychogeographic – I love that word. I came across it in an article the other day that I meant to read but never got around to. Apparently the monument to Sándor Petőfi had been repaired and cleaned a few times. It had also been moved around until it found its final resting place in the garden. I am not sure if he still inspires reverence today but he is definitely​ an important part of Slovak history. His statue is only guarded by trees and birds and a short decorative fence. No one seems to notice it but it is a nice surprise when you happen to find it. 🙂

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