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Istanbul: In & Around Sultanahmet

Sultanahmet photographed by Martina Korkmaz for The Depth of Now, Istanbul

Martina Korkmaz Istanbul -1

Martina Korkmaz Sultanahmet4

Martina Korkmaz Istanbul2

Martina Korkmaz Istanbul 5Martina Korkmaz Istanbul Walk8.jpgmartina-korkmaz-sultanahmet-1.jpg

Martina Korkmaz Istanbul Walk4


Martina Korkmaz Istanbul Walk1

Martina Korkmaz Istanbul Walk5

Martina Korkmaz Istanbul Walk6

Martina Korkmaz Istanbul Walk7





    • Thank you 😊 I feel the same about yours. There is so much more to the Muslim culture than we are dangerously led to believe. We need another kind of dialogue that is based on the depth and beauty of Islamic culture. I look forward to returning again and again to your site and being inspired.


    • They are and I especially love the old doors. I think that my favourite door in all of Istanbul is the one that leads into the han left of Kardeşim Sk. in Karakoy. I don’t know the name of it. It’s not decorative in any way and you would hardly notice it unless you appreciate such things. It’s simple wood and metal design worn in and textured by history. The inside of the han is interesting as well and even though there are people working there they don’t seem to mind if you come in and take a look around.


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