Texting Nil

I woke up 10 minutes before the texts arrived. It was 3 minutes past 5 in the morning.

Nil: When will you be coming to this chaotic city? 

Nil: And by the way, do you remember when we visited Yildiz Park one morning and had deep conversations? You mysteriously never sent any photos of that day…

Nil: And I remain curious about how I looked from your eyes perspective because you impressed me with your mystical thoughts and philosophy…

Me: Happy New Year darling. I will look to see if I have any images of that day – my hard drive was damaged. I am reading Sabahattin’s Madonna in a Fur Coat. Do you know it?

Nil: My favourite book.

Me: Wow. Yes.

Nil: He was an amazing author.

Me: So that is how you looked like to me with all my mystical philosophy. Like how one looks at another in the world of Sabahattin Ali.





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