4 Indie Travel Magazines I Love

I’m interested in travel writing but not in the type that merely skims the surface.

Like you, I want to go deeper and immerse myself in a place – in its history, its culture, its food and its idiosyncrasies. I look for travel writing that embraces the complexity of a place without looking for a simple resolution. Travel writing that contains personal narrative and leads in and out of obscure places.

Each of the magazines mentioned below has something in common. They have a need to gain insight from locals and to live in the places that they write about. This adds a whole new depth to the stories and content they publish.

Fare Magazine


Fare magazine offers immersive stories for armchair and seasoned travelers. Each issue is dedicated to a single city and contains not only interviews but also stories inspired by locals. Their first issue featured the city of Istanbul and their second explores the city of Helsinki. Fare magazine explores food, forgotten histories and backstreets from a personal point of view. It even includes a glossary.



Lost is a magazine about self-discovery through travel. It features real stories, personal reflections and epiphanies from people around the world. Moving away from fancy hotels and tourist destinations, Lost magazine believes in immersing oneself in some place entirely foreign to see what can be learned from the experience. It sees travel as a state of mind.


boat magAnother nomadic travel magazine, Boat also focuses on a single city in each issue. They bring writers and photographers with them as they move into a city and work with locals to find the stories that don’t normally make the news. Each issue of Boat is introduced by a local writer.


FlaneurFlaneur magazine is nomadic. It’s produced by artists of all disciplines who spend two months on location, focusing on one street in a city per issue. They embark on daily missions to explore the lives, cultures and histories of local shop owners and residents They then piece together the stories they find into one connecting narrative.

And something extra:

Jungles in Paris

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 17.38.01

Jungles of Paris is a travel website that releases one new story every week. Their focus is on genuine immersion and conservation. Their emphasis is on film making and photography, touching on timeless subjects such as craft, culture, geography and wildlife. Travel trends don’t interest them.





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