Istanbul in the Snow photographed by Martina Korkmaz for The Depth of Now, Istanbul
Fatih Photo Essay

Istanbul in the Snow

One of the most magical times to explore Istanbul is when it snows.

Istanbul Snow Martina Korkmaz-8
Istanbul at any time of the year is beautiful but snow gives it that little bit of magic because it’s rare. It changes the entire feel of the city; creating an excuse to get the camera out and wander into the old town hoping to capture some of its magic.

Istanbul Snow Martina Korkmaz-3Istanbul Snow Martina Korkmaz-1Istanbul Museum Martina Korkmaz-2Istanbul Snow Martina Korkmaz-5Istanbul Snow Martina Korkmaz-2Istanbul Snow Martina Korkmaz-4Istanbul Museum Martina Korkmaz-1Istanbul Snow Martina Korkmaz-13Istanbul Snow Martina Korkmaz-7

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5 comments on “Istanbul in the Snow

  1. What a beautiful city 😊

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  2. “”

    I love Istanbul, but I didn’t see it in snow, thanks. 🙂

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