On Creating a Doorway

It was something that I had never done before. I only knew that it was magic. I could feel it and I wanted to know more about it. Where did this magic come from? And how could I become it? I wanted to become a writer.

And so I started to study. I completed courses in writing that inspired me – travel writing, fiction and non-fiction. I learned that writing meant so much more than just putting words on a page – it meant reading a lot, it meant not holding on too tightly, it meant shapeshifting in and out of meaning in order to share and to move. There was hard work involved and I soon realized that if I wanted to see any type of results, I would need to surrender to it.

Learning about writing gave me a sense of how to structure my thoughts and create flow. But no matter how many books I read or courses I took, I realized that how to become a writer was not something that could be taught. It had to be lived and you would need to start where you are. There is no magical formula.

At some point, you have to let go and trust yourself to find the rhythm that works for you and allow it to guide you into becoming the writer you are meant to become.

My will and perseverance had created a doorway into becoming a writer where none had existed before. I now not only had to trust myself to walk through it, I had to trust the process.

A major turning point for me was learning how to identify myself with the work and not the product of my work. If we don’t think that our skills are good enough to bring out a decent product we will never start the work.

On the other hand, if we believe that we can improve our work and this will continually influence the quality of our product then we are motivated to work harder.

Become the work. Trust the process. Settle into what is difficult. Allow it to shape and inspire you.





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