Berlin Street Art

For my stay in Berlin, I rented a flat that I had found on Airbnb. It belonged to an artist and happened to be my best Airbnb stay ever. The apartment was also the artist’s studio so there were paintings, statues and drawings everywhere. The bathtub was large and deep enough to swim in – no kidding – and the apartment had plenty of art books and stacks of interesting magazines to read.

I felt very much at home and felt no need to leave the flat except for the fact that I was in Berlin and I had only a few days to explore. The flat I had rented was in Charlottenburg and close to the metro which was convenient after a long day of walking. It was also nestled in a courtyard which meant that it was quiet and its balcony was perfect for wine drinking and reading in the evening.

Berlin is a city that I wanted to visit for its famed street art. I had no itinerary except to wander. I had been to Berlin once before and already had a chance to see what was touristy. Now was my chance to get lost and the first stop was Kreuzberg and then a walk to Mitte to explore Berlin’s historic centre.

What I find most exciting about street art is that you can stumble upon it unexpectedly – there is an element of surprise and delight. It supersedes race and class and it’s visually accessible to anyone. It also has the potential to transform the urban environment and it is a reminder of counterculture. The fact that it’s temporary only adds to its allure. It is something I look for in every city I visit because it tells a story of its own that belongs to the people.

Berlin Street Art-3
Berlin Street Art-9
Berlin Street Art-19
Berlin Street Art
Berlin Street Art-1
Berlin Street Art-2

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