Besiktas Photography

Christina & Ella in Ortaköy

A little girl feeding pigeons in Ortakoy, Istanbul. Photographed by photographer Martina Korkmaz

Ella and Christina 1Ella and Christina by Martina Korkmaz-1Ella and Christina by Martina Korkmaz-4

Photographing Christina and Ella in Ortakoy, Istanbul.

With love,



21 comments on “Christina & Ella in Ortaköy

  1. Beautiful. I especially like the picture of her in the mist of the birds.

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  2. Oh, those carefree innocent days…

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  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Istanbul. I think I have lived a past life there.

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  4. Love it. That little girl is so cute!

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  5. I love the story that is being told. The depth of the photos is amazing. You can place yourself there and see what the people are seeing. These are lovely photographs.

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  6. Waaaow!!! The shots are so adorably beautiful!!

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  7. These photos are gorgeous! ❤

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  8. These pics are precious! I have to keep returning to them. Thanks!

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  9. I want live that place. Oh Oh OH!

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  10. The second one with the little girl on the lap, both attention and eyes doing something different, that is the one I was most drawn too, beautifully done 💕

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  11. What a lovely moment captured, Martina. Delightful!

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  12. Gorgeous!! Loving the black and white ones. The black and white bird one is my fav. Brave kiddo!! I hate birds haha

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  13. Nice contrasting photos with the pigeons in mid-flight, and the photo with pigeons standing around.

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